Yvonne Okoro, Lydia Forson allegedly leave movie roles because of Rosemond Brown


Two popular actresses Yvonne Okoro and Lydia Forson are said to have declined to feature in a movie because Rosemond Brown would be starring in the movie too.

Data coming to YEN.com.gh has it that two of Ghana’s top performing artists, Yvonne Okoro, and Lydia Forson, have rejected another motion picture job due to Rosemond Brown.

The two at first had acknowledged the contents to act, nonetheless, after finding that Brown was a piece of the cast, chose to quit.

The maker of the motion picture titled Away Bus, Kofi Asamoah, was said to have concealed Brown’s personality, however, when he later unveiled it to the group, Lydia Forson and Okoro said they were never again intrigued.

In a post located by YEN.com.gh on a prevalent Instagram page, Thosecalledcelebs, Lydia said her image was too advanced to even think about acting with any semblance of Brown, likewise called Akuapem Poloo.

Okoro did not express her reason, however, yet she was accounted for to have shouted “hellfire no!”, and supported off.

Some Social media life clients who remarked on the issue have communicated disillusionment in the two performers.

Diana, for example, thought about whether Brown was not a person as well: diana_darko: “Omg this so awful of them if that is the principle reason ??? like how on earth?? Is akuapem poloo not a human ?? Jezzz one reason y the business will always be the equivalent.”

Akuapem Poloo has been in the news for the most part for the wrong and dubious reasons.

She has been labeled as boorish, urgent for popularity, which influences her to carry on in certain ways not expected of her.

She had even proceeded to remove her clothing in open all since she needed to slant in the news.

It could be a direct result of this and different reasons that Yvonne Okoro and Lydia Forson have would not act with her. Okoro was in the news as of late for dismissing an engagement proposition from a man who proposed to her at 1 a.m.


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