Yvonne Nelson in trouble for saying Ghanaian men are cowards and lack confidence to propose


Ghanaian men, social media have rained insults on actress artist Yvonne Nelson for tagging them as cowards after they refused to approach her amidst her declaration for a husband.

The actress recently declared that she was no longer with her British infant daddy, Jamie Roberts, unveiling that they were just co-child rearing now and that she required a man in her life.

In any case, days subsequent to affirming her separation and her longing to get a man in her life, Yvonne Nelson uncovered on a live TV show to Yvonne Okoro that no Ghanaian man had proposed to her yet.

All things considered, as per the screen goddess, Ghanaian men needed trust in moving toward her, for which reason she was as yet single.

“No one reached out to me…maybe they don’t believe me. It is what it is. I am looking for one [a man]. In fact get me one in Ghana,” she told Okoro on the Dining with Cooks and Braggarts show.r.

In communicating their perspectives on the issue, some social media life inhabitants who responded on the post on Facebook have denied Yvonne’s case that Ghanaian men needed trust in proposing to her.

The fans have given their very own motivation behind why she is as yet single, with some of them reprimanding Yvonne for evading Ghanaian men in her exceptional days and following Nigerian men and those of different nations.

For instance, one Yao said that no Ghanaian man has proposed to Yvonne Nelson since she as of now has an infant with a non-Ghanaian.

Chizzy additionally totally decided out Yvonne’s case that Ghanaian men needed certainty, saying that the men simply don’t need her.

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