We no longer allow Police to keep seized cocaine as exhibit – NACOB


The Narcotics Control Board has uncovered that it has quit enabling the Police to keep holding onto cocaine in its guardianship as shows.

In spite of the fact that it isn’t clear why NACOB took this choice, it is accepted that the move was educated by past examples where a few amounts of the restricted substance kept in police guardianship ‘turned’ into powdered cassava and baking soda.

“I can’t talk about past issues with the Police Service. Presently subsequent to affecting capture we keep the held onto cocaine (displays) without anyone else and summon the suspects under the watchful eye of the court, we never again enable the Police to keep the restricted substance,” Patrick Ofosu Agyapong an individual from NACOB Education Department told sit-in-have Akwasi Nsiah on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa FM.

In 2012, the four-part panel set up by the Chief Justice Georgina Woode to examine the cocaine-turned-preparing soft drink deduced in its last report that the swapping was done before the show was offered in court on September 27 2011.

The Justice Agnes Dodzie-drove advisory group presumed that cocaine has an impactful smell however dependent on proof before it the substance had no such smell.

The advisory group held that if there was any swapping, it was done before the substance was offered in proof at the court premises.

In 2006 a held onto the amount of cocaine in the guardianship of the CID transformed into powdered cassava, referred to in nearby speech as kokonte powder.

The contention went to the fore after a resistance counsel in a cocaine preliminary mentioned for retesting of the cocaine display offered in proof.

He contended the display was without the sharp smell known to go with cocaine substance whenever it is opened in any shape or structure.

In the wake of retesting by the Ghana Standards Board, it was uncovered the substance was not cocaine but rather preparing powder, prompting the vindication of the suspect, Nana Ama Martin.

The police rushed to argue blamelessness, pointing charging fingers at the court authorities for managing the scandalous swap.

The police at that point requested of the Chief Justice to lead an examination concerning the issue and to uncover how the cocaine transformed into a baking soda.


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