We don’t participate in human sacrifices for riches and influence Freemasons



Freemasonry is certainly not a mystery society occupied with human and different penances for riches and influence, the Grand Lodge of Ghana, the mother assemblage of Freemasons in Ghana has said.

The Grand Master of the gathering, Most Worshipful Bro Naval Captain Kwadjo Adunkwa Butan, said the main role of being a Freemason is to serve and to improve the world a place for humankind.

He said tragically, the gathering has turned out to be synonymous with otherworldliness and fiendishness practices of symbol venerate due to the exercises of corrupt people who might do anything for distinction and riches.

“We are people simply like every other person,” he said on Thursday at the dispatch of the gathering’s tenth commemoration at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra, the Daily Graphic cited him as saying.

“We don’t have unique powers or have mystery divine beings we love; and being a Freemason does not give cash, power or popularity,” he demanded.

Freemasonry is formally portrayed as a “specialty of young men” club that advances philanthropy, uprightness, genuineness, reasonableness and grooms young fellows to be dependable grown-ups.”

It has been in presence since the season of the working of King Solomon’s Temple around 4,000 years back.


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