‘Useless’ Martin Amidu deserves no salary as Special Prosecutor .


Broadcast Journalist with Accra-based Adom FM, Captain Smart has observed that Ghana’s First Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu is indeed drawing a salary and having nothing to show for his appointment.

He stated that the office of the Special Prosecutor headed by Mr. Amidu is gradually becoming useless after a little over a year of its establishment by the Akufo-Addo led government.

Skipper Smart showed that Mr.Amidu ought to have performed respectably by indicting degenerate previous and current government authorities with no predispositions taking a gander at his political association including that the workplace has lost its importance.

‘The Office of the Special Prosecutor is bitten by bit getting to be pointless, we are squandering a great deal of cash on this office. I wonder if Martin Amidu takes his compensation, what has he done to take payments?,’ he addressed.

An outraged Captain Smart said the fundamental things that will make the Office of the Special Prosecutor applicable was set up by the legislature including the arrangement of an agent, a sponsorship law from Parliament, arrangement of an office, a group of legal advisors and examiners to help him yet he’s unfit to convey.

Uncovering Mr Amidu on his show observed by MyNewsGh.com, Captain Smart said the previous Auditor General Prof. Agyeman Duah displayed some analytical archives to the previous yet dismissed it when he visited his office.

He requested answers from the administration with respect to why the Special Prosecutor would not take a shot at the said archives.

The Special Prosecutor who is yet to go to court with any degenerate case has for certain months been censured by the open including the authority of the decision New Patriotic Party (NPP) for not meeting the desires for Ghanaians, a move Captain Smart portrayed as ‘bizarre’.

As per him, the endeavors by the Communication group of NPP to have an update from Mr Amidu demonstrates that the administration has fizzled the defilement battle dreading the Office of the Special Prosecutor will be a waste if care isn’t taken.

‘Is it genuine that previous Auditor General Prof. Agyeman Duah displayed analytical reports to Martin Amidu and he dismissed it? I’m asking from the Presidency, is it genuine that Martin Amidu would not chip away at the records?. It’s bizarre for the NPP correspondences group to address Martin Amidu on what he’s doing, is CPP government in power now, ‘he inquired.

He impacted Mr Amidu for not having the capacity to meet the general population and against join gatherings’ desire for arraignment present and previous government authorities who are seen to have stolen State reserves.

He communicated frustration in Mr Amidu who labels himself as a native vigilante for focusing just on business investor Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s situation when he could have redirected a portion of his energies on other debasement related cases.

He asked why Mr Amidu has not been supplanted by the legislature.

‘Where is the outcome situated Nana Addo I know, I know his identity however I’m not seeing the activity, the flame that existed in Nana Addo I’m not seeing it, for what reason hasn’t he supplanted Martin Amidu,’ he inquired.


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