US Ambassador clarifies visa limitations against Ghana


The United States Ambassador has clarified that her nation’s issuance of visa limitation on a few classifications of Ghanaians had been required because of the disappointment of reciprocal endeavors to determine the issue.

Stephanie S. Sullivan said the US been working with Ghana for over two years, including as far back as July 2016, for Ghana to issue records for Ghanaian nationals under expelling orders in the US.

She said the Department of Homeland Security and Department of the State has been working with the Ghanaian Embassy in Washington and Foreign Affairs Ministry in Ghana to issue travel papers for Ghanaians who were liable to extradition arranges inside 30 days, in accordance with the UN Convention on International Civil Aviation.

Talking amid her first association with the press in Accra, she stated, “Administration of Ghana has reliably not met timelily this universally commanded standard of the UN Convention on International Civil Aviation.”

She said the opportune issuance of the travel papers encouraged deportee’s takeoff on business flights, a disappointment of which implied that the US needed to organize sanction flights or now and again, discharge those compelled of evacuation inside the US.

Ms. Sullivan said the US would, subsequently, stop the issuance of every new visa for local representatives of Ghanaian Diplomats facilitated in the US, compelling Monday.

The Embassy would likewise restrain the typical five-year legitimacy period and various passages on Tourist and Business visas for all Ghanaian Executive and Legislative branch representatives, their life partners and kids under age 21, to single section visas legitimate for just a single month.

“This will likewise apply to Ghanaians who are not government workers but rather hold discretionary and official visas,” she said.

She focused on the legitimacy of the visas was anyway not quite the same as the span of remain. In this way, the permissible length of the remain of a visa holder who enters the US, before the one-month visa lapse date, won’t be influenced.

Current visa holders, understudy visa candidates, Ghanaian government authorities going for authority obligations just as members in authority US government trade programs, are not at present influenced.

“We would like to work firmly together with Ghanaian specialists to determine this issue appropriately. The US government will lift these impediments when the Ghanaian office in the US issue the required identifications and how they can reliably give auspicious issuance of records to natives going ahead,” she said.

She cautioned that the extent of these impediments would incorporate extra classes of individuals or stop extra kinds of visas if there was no advancement in meeting the commitments in the coming months.

Reacting to worries of a portion of the deportees not being Ghanaian, she said it was the sovereign directly of the Government of Ghana to check their ways of life as Ghanaians.

She said the US would not constrain Ghana to take individuals who were turned out to be non-Ghanaians.

“Both we and legislature of Ghana are anxious to determine this issue has spread over two organizations both in Accra and Washington,” she said.


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