Twum Boafo returns cash to EOCO


Previous Executive Secretary of the Free Zones Board, Kojo Twum Boafo, has supposedly restored an aggregate of $6,000 and €6,500 imprest to the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO).

Mr. Twum Boafo is under scrutiny by the counter unite body and sources state the arrival of the assets which was a piece of a movement imprest does not mean he would be excused from the conceivable indictment.

Sources state he took the imprest when he was Secretary of the Free Zones Board and it came up amid EOCO’s scientific review into the tasks of Board.

An imprest is an aggregate of cash typically progressed to a person for a particular reason and reestablished to a settled sum on an intermittent premise.

DGN Online has discovered that the sum Mr. Twum Boafo got as imprest in his ability as the Executive Secretary of Free Zones was gigantic however at first ‘won’t’ to restore the unretired sum until the examinations by EOCO found the exchange.

He was then compelled to restore the overpaid imprest, evidently with the expectation that that would excuse him from the indictment.

Mr. Twum Boafo, a known vociferous individual from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), was selected to head the Free Zones Board by previous President John Mahama in 2013 after he had served in an acting limit at that state office.

His arrangement cocked eyebrows as proposals were that, Mr. Mahama had a nearby working association with Mr. Twum Boafo all through the four years of the Mills-Mahama organization.

DGN Online sources state the dockets on the measurable reviews of the Free Zones Board have been submitted to the Attorney General’s Department and that Mr. Twum Boafo is probably going to be indicted.


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