Torture Home 1: When a Man of God decides to kill in an orphanage


Committed to guaranteeing fair improvement and order for denied and down and out youngsters, the Echoing Hill Village has dropped into good dilapidation that resists all depiction; plummeted into dampening and despicable profundities of corruption, desperation and debauchery. The slopes just reverberation to the horrid clamor of lewdness; it’s the very meaning of neglect and destruction!

Passing Threat

The General Manager of Echoing Hill Village Orphanage, Rev Lawrence Lamina, was caught in a mystery camera endeavoring to wound one of the offspring of the halfway house, as overseers control him.

Blade employing Rev Lawrence Lamina was seen being kept down and at a point pegged down into a seat by a portion of the overseers who attempted urgently to keep their supervisor from doing his risk to murder one of the youngsters in his shelter.

The person in question, a young man recognized uniquely as Kuchi, had broken into the home’s store room and stolen a couple of things, a typical immature misconduct which, unexpectedly, the reverend pastor/altruist considered as a wrongdoing deserving of grisly passing.

The righteous man had overwhelmed the poor kid by tossing him onto the ground, and stepping on his head more than once. Reverend Lamina at that point hunkered over the kid with his foot stepped on his head in the stance a butcher prepared to butcher a creature.

Fortunately for the kid, his abuser did not have a blade close by, and sadly for the ruthless reverend priest, his subordinates at the shelter accumulated mental fortitude to intercede when he proceeded to arm himself with a kitchen blade.

In the midst of the bumping with the staff, Rev Lamina pledged to murder the damaged kid, including that he could deliver proof of the kid’s offense to safeguard himself, should that become vital.

At the point when at long last let free the General Manager, who is likewise a Reverend Minister at the Hope Community Church, plummeted on the pre-adult and beat him pitilessly. Presently, the overseers kept down the person in question, encouraging him not to battle back.

After he had beat Kuchi agreeable to him, he approached the staff to organize the kid to leave the home, since he did ever need to see him. This was after one overseer had proposed that they keep the kid in the home’s jail and later expel him from the home.

Reverend Lamina: I needed to ask and contribute cash, cash I haven’t yet recovered, and you look to aggravate me, why? Would you like to slaughter me? I’ll murder you first. Do you get it?

Female Caretaker: Let him go in the event that he needs to go else you may be detained should you hurt him out of dissatisfaction. Daddy, if it’s not too much trouble released him. Release him with his issues else you may execute somebody’s kid.

Reverend Lamina: No, no, no. this one is an equipped looter

Female Caretaker: If that is the situation, at that point take him to the police headquarters.

Reverend Lamina: I won’t take him to the police headquarters.

You are going to slaughter somebody, on the whole, I’ll murder you. You were going to slaughter. That is the thing that you were going there to do. This is a proof.

Male Caretaker: You ought to have trained us to secure him one of the rooms. How about we lock him up in one of the rooms. How about we do it that way. Try not to contact him. How about we rebuff him. You’ve been there before right?

Reverend Lamina: Who ought to rebuff him? I said I don’t need him in this house once more.

Female Caretaker: Okay, he leaves this spot after he’s been discharged. He’s misfortune, you may hurt him in the event that you continue.


Cruel Punishments on Inmates

In a related episode, Reverend Lamina and a portion of the overseers were recorded dispensing different types of cruel disciplines on the kids. These unfeeling demonstrations included Rev Lamina requesting that a few children slap themselves, overseers hitting youngsters with sticks, thumping children in the head and confining kids in cells for extended periods and in some cases, days.

In the video, the Man of God was seen teaching a few children blamed for homosexuality to slap each other for the offense. Those that were not ready to slap to the Reverend’s fulfillment were instructed how to do it appropriately by Mr Lamina venturing with an example heavy slap. Here and there as well, he requested that another child show it.

Some of guardians were additionally observed energetically thumping on the leaders of the poor children or beating them with sticks for different offenses. These offenses incorporate playing find the stowaway, neglecting to join the get-together to get blessing things or neglecting to help convey gave things to the store room.

“He hit me with a stick. I disclosed to him we do clothing on Saturdays that is the reason I rested. He will not live here with us. For what reason does he at that point come around to beat us?” one of the youngsters said while wailing after a maltreatment.

“You’re strolling around here erratically while we’ve gotten bundle”, an overseer comments and continues to beat youngsters for not being occupied.

“Some time prior, minister trained Kwaku to give 12 strokes of lashes to whoever he sees inside at whatever point there was a gift, gathering, or program here”, another kid likewise described.

Response from Rev Lamina Lawrence

At the point when the Reverend Minister was reached for his side of the story, the chief asserted that lone himself and the house father or mother has the authorization to stick youngsters in the home. “As I stated, just the authority (has been) given the command and by and by I caned them”.

He further said that the kids in the house are not beaten or caned as a type of discipline for battling or taking or for some other reason separated from been late for school. “As I stated, just the initiative (has been) given the command and actually I caned them. Not regarding might take or battling or that sort of (reasons) yet it resembles they have to go to class by 7 o’clock. You have to wake up by six, prepare and after that go to class yet (by) 7 o’clock they ‘ll be as yet dozing. the stick and after that stick them”, he guaranteed.

He later anyway conceded in another explanation that they stick kids when they take. “Ok! On the off chance that somebody takes, that likewise is a significant issue since one of our standards says we don’t take. Along these lines, for that one too you take a few sticks since we don’t need you to go out and become an equipped looter or to join a posse and (be) taking”. This was after he had asserted that he just asks very difficult kids in the home to just work till they are sick of working and prepared to make a fresh start. “one of the specific ways by and by I do is, the point at which a youngster turns out to be such a great amount of obstinate, rather than giving beatings or punishing, I’ll rather give a work to the kid to do on the premises. Now and then, I like them to wash the dishes. Once in a while, I like them to do clearing. In some cases I like them to go with the grown-ups in the restrooms. Along these lines, I discipline them by requesting that they work with the grown-ups. In this way, that is a portion of the order or discipline I provide for the kids. I’ll provide for the obstinate ones. What’s more, the more you continue being obstinate, you’ll be working each day. What’s more, on the off chance that you would prefer not to work ordinary, at that point you should act well. Thus, that is the route in train my parental figures to do to the children when they act up”.

Rev Lamina likewise said that one must be with them to comprehend and have the option to know when a discipline can be portrayed as a maltreatment. “Be that as it may, now and again the parental figure attempts to train the tyke yet they do it amazingly. They don’t attempt to deal with it on a mellow dimension. They go (to the) outrageous and that is been named as maltreatment when you go past your cutoff. Thus, in such cases, (when) someone comes around or a guest (comes) in or a volunteer (comes) in (and) doesn’t know our way of life and the degree (to which) we discipline our kids. They don’t have the foggiest idea about the way of life and the breaking point and how we go about it, along these lines, they will take a gander at it as a maltreatment”, he opined.

Kid Labor and Negligence

The General Manager and the guardians of the home frequently exposed the detainees to tyke work for their own increase. A portion of the kids in the house are made to convey solid squares or kindling while others are utilized to push trucks stacked with sand from the home to customers outside, with the cash heading off to the drill sergeants; the General Manager and the caretakers.The home that should give some solace and help to the debilitated and poor children is bit by bit transforming into a lair of abuse and disregard. A portion of the youngsters, particularly the physically tested, when they soil themselves, could be left with the chaos for a considerable length of time.

Craving is a day by day reality for some here. Kids with physical conditions that necessitate that they are spoon-sustained are normally left to encourage themselves and they end up spilling a lump of the feast. Volunteers at the home have been gotten some information about whatever they observer there, in light of the fact that every one of the episodes are “ordinary.”

Knowing the gravity of the circumstance and the results of open introduction, the overseers frequently subject these children to exhaustive cross examinations about their communications with volunteers during the day. This occurs toward the finish of every day when these volunteers have left the office to come back to their different homes.

Reverberating Hills Village

Reverberating Hills Village is an office that provides food for the destitute, casualties of youngster misuse, vagrants and disregarded kids incorporating kids with incapacities and uncommon needs.


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