There is no power in the name of Jesus – Ghanaian actor Nana Tornado says on live show


There are a few sorts of convictions with regards to God, however, the most well-known convictions are the general population who trust in confidence that there is a being out there noting supplications and the individuals who accept there is no being by any means.

Ghanaian performing artist Nana Tornado has made a few remarks on a live demonstration that many may consider as sacrilege. The performer had shared a portion of his contemplations on religion amid a meeting with TV Africa. The on-screen character had guaranteed that there is no power for the sake of Jesus. He, notwithstanding, communicated that he trusts that there is a maker who made paradise and earth. Tornado, who had made the remarks on religion while discussing his acting vocation, noticed that he never needed to end up a performing artist.

He further communicated that he had been persuaded by Delay Show to star in a TV arrangement. He further asserted that he never marked any agreement with the office. As per him, Delay Show profited from the TV arrangement however he was never paid for it.

There have been tales about individuals who additionally have the equivalent accepts as this Ghanaian on-screen character. had revealed that a man had additionally kept in touch with a few things concerning his musings on God, he had even challenged God to slaughter him to demonstrate he exists.


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