SONA 2019: Akufo-Addo breaks silence on Menzgold saga

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President Nana Akufo-Addo has ended his quiet on the Menzgold adventure vowing to guarantee that plans made to cheat Ghanaians of their monies are stopped from developing in any way.

At his third State of the Nation Address in Parliament, the president demonstrated a super controller in the monetary administration’s segment has been built up to screen the exercises of speculation conspires that make fabulous and unsustainable comes back to clueless clients.

Menzgold is accounted for to have a customer base of around 60,000, which were all guaranteed between 7% to 10% profits for exceptional gold collectibles purchased and kept with the organization.

The plan that kept running for something like four years, at last, arrived at an end after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requested the showy organization to end its unlicensed activities.

Since the request last September, clients have persevered through no little disappointment in getting the organization and its socialite CEO Nana Appiah Mensah to discount their monies.

NAM1, as the CEO is famously called, was captured in the United Arab Emirates where he is supposedly standing preliminary for an alternate offense.

Furious customers by and by showed this time around the Western territorial mining network Tarkwa, which is said to hold somewhere around 9,000 customers of the best organization.

Mainstream dancehall artiste StoneBouy has likewise asked the president to address the Menzgold adventure.

He has, yet, saying small regarding the destiny of the customers. Sounding more cutting edge mediations than tending to exhibit situations, Akufo-Addo said this super controller is to be known as the Financial Stability Council.

It will be made out of administrative establishments inside the budgetary segment remarkably, the Bank of Ghana and Securities and Exchange Commission.


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