Receiver sues ex-Beige Bank CEO for GHC1.3bn


CEO of the now-old The Beige Bank, Mr Michael Nyinaku, together with 12 of his auxiliary organizations, are required to hack up over GHC1.3 billion to the Receiver of the ancient organization, Nii Amanor Dodoo.

Mr Amanor Dodoo, who has hauled Nyinaku and 12 of his backups, including Legacy Pension Trust Ltd, The Beige Group Ltd, BBS Logistics and Beige Village to court, demands that the old bank moved a few a huge number of Ghana cedis to the said organizations running between GHC1 million and over GHC100 million.

The Receiver is, in addition to other things, supplicating the court to arrange Nyinaku and his auxiliaries to discount an aggregate of GHC1, 363,851,590.35, including interest.

The writ has the Receiver and Beige Bank as offended parties and Michael Nyinaku and his other 12 organizations as respondents.

“An assertion that the different exchanges depicted in the announcement of the case between second offended party and litigants are unlawful. A request for the first litigant to record and discount to offended parties for any benefits coming about because of property exchanges with or through the twelfth respondent, and for a further request canceling every one of the exchanges entered between second offended party and litigants,” Amanor Dodoo included the writ.

The Receiver additionally needs “requests of recuperation mutually and severally against the litigants” the aggregate of GHC1.3 billion.

He additionally needs to take guardianship of benefits “recognized in this issue to have been gained with assets taken from the second offended party and followed to be inside the ownership or control of any of the respondents or some other people.”

A portion of the advantages he recorded incorporated the Beige Village, private properties at Trasacco, just as different vehicles of the said organizations.

The Receiver likewise needs to hold, in trust for the outdated Beige bank, “all property, plant and hardware, financial balances, ventures and some other resources having a place with first to thirteenth litigants as at first August 2018.”

“A request guiding the litigants to return and additionally move to offended parties every one of the advantages distinguished to have been obtained with the assets taken from second offended party continues from the closeout of any benefits, or any new substituted resources.”

He is likewise looking for a request of “never-ending order controlling every one of the respondents from selling, arranging off or potentially managing the benefits recognized by offended parties and some other resources procured with assets acquired from second offended party and a request guiding the litigants to record to offended party all favorable circumstances, advantages, gains and benefits, got or got from or through any exchange with second offended party’s assets.”

Beige Bank was said to have acquired a financial permit erroneously.

A stock resource and property report documented by the Receiver to the Bank of Ghana uncovered that Beige Bank had all out resources of GHC494 million.

Out of the figure, GHC282 million, speaking to 57% were advances and protections.

As per the report, the bank gave a measure of GHC274 million, comprising 31% of the credits to related gatherings.

The Receiver said Beige bank did not hold fast to credit organization approaches and had deficiencies in recuperation endeavors.


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