Reasons why most Ghanaian female celebrities are single Exposed


Eminent marriage mentor, Dr. Mrs. Charlotte Oduro has at last uncovered why Ghanaian female superstars are not getting hitched and she gave the reason unequivocally.

Mentor Oduro unveiled that a large portion of the Ghanaian female famous people go to the rec center, have the best of shapes however yet are not hitched. The reason is that they don’t have tolerance.

“A portion of the stars here, they go to the rec center, they are wonderful, do they have spouses? They wed today, they exiting in light of the fact that they have tolerance they can hardly wait. He undermined me, when I saw the calls, I saw the messages he’s laying down with someone… ”

She additionally clarified the motivation behind why she said when your better half cheats, don’t yell at him but instead have intercourse to him. She stated:

“the men, when they cheat, and they realize that you’ve gotten them, they are anticipating that you should blow up when they come, they anticipating that you should respond when they come, is there any good reason why women won’t change for multi day, for what reason don’t we shock the men”

She further clarified that, when you have intercourse to a man after he cheats, he will resemble a child to you, anything you let him know, he will tune in. He ends up quiet and prepared to apologize.

She likewise forewarned ladies that, they ought not yell or keep their spouses from having intercourse to them but instead they ought to go hard and fast for them whenever he swindles.

Guide Oduro as of late voiced out that, spouses ought to spoil their husbands with lavish endowments, for example, telephones, motion picture tickets, autos, and a few others when that occurs, it makes the husbands feel pleased with them.


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