Rawlings urges Electoral Commission to review NDC’s concerns


Previous President Jerry John Rawlings has approached the Electoral Commission to investigate the worries raised by the National Democratic Congress on the progressing restricted voter enlistment work out.

The previous President said following concerns brought up in a question and answer session by the NDC on Thursday, it has turned out to be essential for the Electoral Commission to give the gathering a listening ear and audit the procedure where fundamental.

“As I expressed in my remarks during the gathering with the Chairperson and individuals from the Commission on Tuesday, the holiness of the discretionary procedure must be ensured. It is accordingly basic that worries over the powerlessness of qualified voters to enlist because of difficulties of separation, the disappointment of gear and deficient offices are all around examined.”

“The worries came up during my gathering with the Commission and I deferentially ask them to relook the issue in the soul of decency and value,” previous President Rawlings said.

The previous President said since there is as of now a working structure between the Electoral Commission and the gatherings through the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC), all partners in the constituent procedure should cooperate to determine any difficulties in an environment of common regard and propriety.



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