Nigerians to support Ghana Police arrest criminal compatriots


The Nigerian community in Ghana has volunteered to support the Ghana Police Service flash out Nigerian miscreants and criminals from the country.

The group also promised to call attention to suspected culprits if conceivable in an offer to hold the great neighborliness among Ghana and Nigeria.

The association of remote national, particularly Nigerians in crimes in Ghana keeps on expanding at a disturbing rate.

Scarcely is wrongdoing announced without the notice of Nigerians?

The Nigerians in violations in the nation seem to have achieved the crescendo after the spates of kidnappings in the Western and Greater Accra districts, which were all connected to Nigerians.

Simply a week ago, the police in Accra protected a prominent Lebanese, who was purportedly seized by some presumed Nigerians, presently on the loose.

No less than two Nigerians have so far been captured, regarding the kidnappings.

These the Nigerian people group in Ghana demand can’t be permitted to proceed.

The people group kept up the advancement if not checked could damage the genial relations between the two nations.

Business and Project Advisor to Nigerian Business Forum Oloye Yemi Fatuyi vowed their status to help the police by all methods conceivable.

“We are here to give our help to [Ghana Police Service],” he said.

“We are not experts like you. We are not the police but rather we can give you data. We can get the data inside our networks and offer it to you.”

He conceded that the Nigerians who are engaged with wrongdoing won’t be content with the position taken by the network however they are unfaltering to call attention to the drifters regardless of whether it will take them uncovering the personalities of their families back home in Nigeria.

The Acting Accra Regional Police Commander, DCOP Kweku Boadu Peprah, respected the move from the benevolent Nigerians

DCOP Peprah has in the interim guaranteed of endeavors went for finding those behind the Lebanese’s seizing.


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