Nigel Gaisie responds Afia Schwarzenegger after she accused him of sleeping with an usher


The head pastor of True Word Fire Prophetic Ministries, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has finally reacted to allegations levelled against him by media personality and female comedian, Afia Schwarzenegger.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie addressing his assemblage expressed that he is a genuine righteous man and nobody can ever decimate him.

“I have been around for such a large number of years and for that woman in the event that I don’t revile her actually, she has effectively done that by the bogus things she said.

I have provided food for her and her family for a long time however I am a genuine righteous man so nobody can demolish me. It is a piece of the service for the fallen angel to utilize somebody to wreck the service of God to empower the marvels of God to be showed.

This woman has an awful stench when she draws close to me. You will endure on the off chance that you have malicious goals against me”, he expressed.

It will be reviewed that Afia Schwarzenegger blamed the man for God of having sexual relations with a few young ladies in his congregation.

She additionally blamed Prophet Nigel for impregnating an introduce the congregation which as per Afia Schwarzenegger was uncovered to her by the women he has been included with.

Oneself acclaimed ruler of parody likewise blamed the man for God of mishandling his better half physically.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie is famously known for anticipating the passing of the late dancehall ruler, Ebony Reigns.

He additionally as of late uncovered that the previous supervisor of Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin who is broadly known as Zack has utilized ‘juju’ otherwise called dark enchantment on Lilwin to keep him from seeking after his music vocation.


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