NAM1 reportedly asks government to supervise sale of his assets


Informations are rising about a supplication bargain that the troubled CEO of gold collectibles firm, Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah, has put on the table for government’s thought.

The Daily Guide paper is detailing that its sources state NAM1, as he is famously called, has advised the administration to pitch his advantages for paying a few clients whose reserves have been bolted up with Menzgold.

Be that as it may, the administration is resolved and needs NAM1 to expressly state the demand before it acts.

“Day by day Guide accumulated that the designation that as of late visited NAM1, who will be locked up in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates over a supposed outrageous gold arrangement, exhorted government not to straightforwardly intercede in the clearance of his properties yet rather that errand ought to be done by his family,” the paper reports in its Wednesday release.

The speculations of somewhere in the range of 46,000 people are accepted to be bolted up at Menzgold.

A portion of the clients are said to have anchored bank credits to put resources into the gold dealership with the expectation of getting higher returns however are presently confronting issues since their assets have been bolted up with the organization and the banks are pursuing them for reimbursement.


A joint explanation as of late issued by the Ghana Police Service and the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) said NAM1 could just return home to confront criminal equity in Accra after the Emirati specialists are finished with him to the extent a criminal case in which he purportedly hoodwinked an Arabian businessperson in that nation is concerned.

NAM1 was captured in Dubai when he made a trip there to request installment for some $39 million worth of gold his organization sold to an Emirati.

In any case, the Dubaian recorded misrepresentation charges against NAM1 guaranteeing he had been swindled of $51 million by the 34-year-old Ghanaian, whose organization has not possessed the capacity to pay its customers their key speculations since August 2018 after the Securities and Exchange Commission closes down Menzgold’s gold vault advertise activities.

Following Mr. Appiah Mensah’s capture in Dubai, a powerful appointment from the Ghanaian government caught up with the aim to have him repatriated to confront equity back home in a very surprising case, which likewise verges on misrepresentation.

Be that as it may, the police and EOCO said in their announcement on Friday that: “It is the comprehension of the Ghanaian appointment that Mr. Mensah deals with offense indictments in the UAE and will be made accessible to Ghana upon the last assurance of his present case in the UAE. His case is next due for court on 2 February 2019”.


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