My fuel money can feed your miserable father – Criss Waddle descends on a fan


(CEO) of AMG Business, Criss Waddle has slipped on a fan who scrutinized the substance he (Criss Waddle) produces as a performer

Criss Waddle in a previous couple of days has been incredulous of the Ghanaian media and the clever inquiries a few columnists ask amid meetings, reports.

As indicated by Criss Waddle, the inquiries appear to be regular and that there is the requirement for Ghanaian stimulation columnists to sit up and consider the specialty of meetings.

Nonetheless, a fan who couldn’t comprehend why Criss Waddle who does not produce great music but rather scrutinize Ghanaian writers for completing poor employment tested his ethical directly to solicit columnist to contemplate the workmanship from the meeting.

Be that as it may, in answering him, a furious Criss Waddle helped him to remember the way that he (Criss Waddle) controls cash.

He demonstrated that the fan needs to quiet down in light of the fact that plainly he’s penniless including that the cash he (Criss Waddle) utilizes for fuel can sustain the hopeless dad of the fan.


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