My biggest regret was abandoning my family for Shatta Wale – Shatta Michy


My biggest regret was abandoning my family for Shatta Wale – Shatta Michy

Baby mother of self-acclaimed Ghanaian Dancehall King, Shatta Michy has uncovered that one of her greatest second thoughts was deserting her family and setting up a campsite with a man who maintained to cherish her just to be transformed into a punching pack.

Shatta Michy who progressed toward becoming tired of the relentless maltreatment was affirmed to have cut Shatta Wale and dashed with their child, his Range Rover, and a few reports.

It showed up as one of those ordinary ubiquity stunts until Shatta Wale referenced that he is stunned Michy will leave the extravagance and pursue drugs since he has made her a fit of jealousy among her companions and each Ghanaian lady will need to appreciate what she has.



His post read “Individuals should quit calling me for information, on the off chance that you don’t love a nigga ,you simply need to dump him and leave his things and to go however don’t flee with nigga’s properties for nigga to come to pursue for it to look like there are no prettier young ladies on the planet.. You got it every one of, the vehicles, mansion, money, ur peers even jealousy your life and it harms some of them seeing you act like that . Numerous young ladies in Ghana will be baffled in you for having this extravagance life and all you need to do is carry on with a wayward existence of medications”

Be that as it may, in a most recent post, Michy has communicated laments not in view of laving Shatta Wale but rather relinquishing her family for a pointless relationship depicting it as gangsterism of the most astounding request.


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