My baby’s mama sells banana for a living


The Afro-pop musician, Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu popularly called Wanluv Kubolor has revealed that one of his numerous babies Mama, Evelyn, who is a Ghanaian sells banana on a tabletop for a living.

As per him, Evelyn, who has been selling banana for as far back as years is OK with her exchange as she gets enough cash to benefit from. Including that, regardless of the issue, he hasn’t dismissed his caring jobs.

He further clarified that however, he had needed to change her banana business to something all the more befitting, she dismissed.

The ‘Konkonsa’ hitmaker demonstrated that banana is his preferred products of the soil he can just help her infant mummy to stay in her banana business.

Kubolor noticed that he has seven youngsters with five unique ladies and a stage tyke making the kids eight.

He referenced interesting names of his kids as: TV, Radio, Ama Mampe, Ebony, Obonsamposuro including that the future can possibly tell on the off chance that he will conceive an offspring again or not.

‘One of my infant mummies sells banana, whenever I requested to change her exchange, she won’t. The nationals of my kids’ moms incorporate African American, Japanese, Ghanaian, Danish, and British. I ensure the children are dealt with,’ he said in a meeting with ATUU checked by

He clarified that however, the sort of music he does isn’t worthwhile he gets from music appears, talks, recordings and sovereignties from abroad which he uses to provide food for his kids.

Kubolor asserted he’s presently hitched and that he won’t wed again yet has companions that he here and there takes part in sex with depicting their action as ‘provocative exercise’.

He added that they do that to discharge pressure saying a portion of the ladies rests over after their sexual sessions, others additionally go to their homes after the sex.

‘I have a few companions that I participate in sex with, we call it provocative exercise, we do that to discharge pressure,’ he uncovered.


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