Multimedia dealt with me unfairly – Ohemaa Woyeje reveals


Former Adom FM early in the day show have, Ohemaa Woyeje, has clarified the subtleties of her exit from Multimedia.

Talking in a meeting with Showbiz, the multi-lingual moderator clarified that she was leaving in light of the fact that the terms of her agreement had been broken and she wasn’t glad.

“I took my excursion and returned in October. I continued work and around an hour prior to I went on air, my manager sent me a Whatsapp message requesting that I hand over the show to another person, with no clarification.

“My agreement of work at Multimedia is as a moderator and per my set of working responsibilities, I’m to have, engage and draw in audience members with music and conveyance however they broke the agreement by appointing me new jobs that have nothing to do with displaying, for example, field occupations and creation work.

“My managers took this choice alone, there was no earlier notice or correspondence. I was not prepared for these new jobs so I have stopped,” she said.

She said she requested clarification for her reassignment yet she wasn’t persuaded by the reasons her supervisors gave. As indicated by Ohemaa Woyeje, her last day at Multimedia is today, January 31.

This news is surely not going to run down well with her overflowing fans who have been sending her messages on her web-based life stages.

“It hasn’t been simple, there has been a great deal of weight, I have gotten calls and instant messages from individuals in Ghana and abroad who all need to realize for what reason I’m not on air. Indeed, even a few ministers have been calling me, disclosing to me they utilize my inspiration messages as motivation to lecture.

“In any case, what would I be able to do? That is to say, I was wholeheartedly doing my work. In my years with Multimedia, I put my everything into my activity yet the manner in which the entire thing was tossed at me was someway. My manager couldn’t call me and hold up till around an hour prior to I went on air to let me know not to.

“I truly would prefer not to hustle with anyone over occupation and that is the reason I have chosen to go. I have reacted to my fans via web-based networking media and they should continue observing my online life pages for my following stage,” she expressed.

Disregarding the manner in which things have turned out, Ohemaa Woyeje said her time at Adom FM had been very satisfying. “It has been an extraordinary ordeal; the honors, income, and openings I have had have been stunning. I have taken in a great deal at Multimedia and I don’t have laments about my time there by any means.”

On what’s next after this, Ohemaa Woyeje, who maintains various organizations, incorporating an Ice Bar in Accra, said she needs to take a break and spotlight on her endeavors previously settling on where to go straight away.

“I have a ton of offers I am thinking about this moment. One of them is very critical and it is conceivable I may sign their agreement, yet for the time being I am taking a break, yet rest guaranteed, I will be back on the air before the year closes,” she said.


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