Men are cheap and can never reject sex from women – Photo model Shuga Titi


A Ghanaian video lady and socialite has wept over how men are envious of ladies and can never divert down sex offers from the contrary sex.

Shuga Titi, known for sharing unequivocal photographs and recordings on Instagram, recommended that the weakness of men represented their complicity in breaking scriptural standards – by eating an apple offered by a lady – as per history.

“Approach a man for sex they will never say ‘No’,” she said in a post on Instagram Stories. “They are so shabby and rapacious simply like the manner in which they gathered apple from us and influencing us to endure labor and menstrual agony.”

Additionally an independent photograph display, Titi proffered an expression of counsel to men beseeching them to figure out how to save making or dismissing lewd gestures from ladies under any condition.

She stated: “It would be ideal if you folks figure out how to state No!,” flippantly asking, “Will you like to s*ck bosom?”


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