Man who was ‘resurrected’ by controversial pastor reportedly dies again, this time for good


As per reports, the man who was “raised from the dead” by South African prophet, Pastor Alph Lukau back in February has kicked the bucket.

Brighton ‘Elliot’ Moyo from Zimbabwe stood out as truly newsworthy over the entire world after a video in which he was purportedly raised from the dead following 3 days became a web sensation in spite of the fact that Pastor Lukau later backtracked on his cases and blamed Moyo’s family for arranging the wonder.

As indicated by nearby production H-Metro, Brighton kicked the bucket a week ago in a town called St Luke’s in South Africa. Lamentably for Brighton, there was no revival this time and he was covered on Saturday. He is made due by his significant other just as they had no youngsters. A nearby relative who addressed H-Metro stated,

“His stomach began swelling and didn’t stop for three days and on the third day, he passed on.”

As per different reports, when Brighton joined Lukau’s Alleluia Ministries International there were reports that he was HIV positive and he had kidney disappointment and he additionally had TB (tuberculosis).

At the point when gone after the remark, authorities from the congregation focused on that what occurred in February was not a supernatural occurrence.


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