Mahama exposed in $280m scandalous housing deal


Former President John Mahama and his National Democratic Congress (NDC) Government have been exposed in what is reported to be a $280 million scandalous housing deal at Saglemi.

Information grabbed by DGN Online propose abnormal state obscurity with the monetary plans for the Saglemi Housing Project.

The shady deal resulted in a sharp reduction in the total number of housing units that were supposed to be constructed to completion.

As per sources, the Mahama’s organization should manufacture 5000 units at Saglemi for $280 million.

The NDC’s organization, as DGN Online examination uncovers, paid 80 percent of the agreement whole forthright.

Shockingly, a couple of months after the fact, the agreement apparently fluctuated to 3000 units still at a similar expense of $280million.

It was additionally changed to 1500 units at a similar expense of $280 million.

Curiously, around 600 units have been constructed.

Per DGN Online’s discoveries, out of the 600 units, just around 200 could be by one way or another busy with little work and that is if individuals are eager to involve them in such a state.

The advancement does not have any channels or sewage frameworks and isn’t probably going to sell until such frameworks are set up, a source acquainted with the venture disclosed to DGN Online.

The temporary workers for the task Constratora OAS Ghana Limited, are guaranteeing they couldn’t complete the activity in light of the fact that the rest of the 20 percent was not paid. The choice to end the agreement was conveyed to the administration on February 18, 2019.

A source stated, “so to them 80% of 5000 is 600 units without channels or any inside wrapping up.”

I don’t get it’s meaning?

At an agreement entirety of $280 million for just 600 units, it implies every unit was developed at an expected expense of about $467,000.

For such a venture in an area like Saglemi which is outside the national capital, Accra, the expense for every unit is woefully excessive and that implies the state would battle to get purchasers or leaseholders to recover its speculation.

Sources state that signifies “as the venture stands presently, to finish and have the capacity to sell, we should sell a 2 room terribly planned and built loft in Sagleme, amidst no place for 500,000 USD just to make back the initial investment.”

A source clarified, “contrast this with some home engineers currently selling a considerably more quality lodging unit in Adenta near town for around 50,000 USD.”

More Expenses

It has been accumulated that the Akufo-Addo’s organization is to spend more cash to finish the undertaking either through obtaining or spending the citizens’ money.

Another source nearer to the venture says “shockingly, we should spend more cash to finish it however it should be given out for critical misfortunes.”


DGN Online has dependably educated that means are being taken to indict authorities of the past organization who was a piece of the ‘trick’ against the nation.

“Be that as it may, a few people will clearly go to in prison for making budgetary misfortune the State,” a state official who argued namelessness says.


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