Koo Fori puts all his lavish vehicles and house on display


On-screen character cum comic, Seth Kwabena Kyere Karikari, who is prevalently known for his on-screen name Koo Fori is surely one of the rich Ghanaian performers who doesn’t approach sprinkling his riches via web-based networking media just to get the consideration of the media.

Despite the fact that little has been seen of him on the TV screens after he enjoyed a reprieve from prominent neighborhood TV arrangement “Efiewura” a few years back, Koo Fori is finding real success with the organizations he is associated with from all signs.

The vehicles and house the honor winning on-screen character chose to put in plain view this week on the well known ‘Big name Ride with Zionfelix’ show are deserving of recognition.

Going out, Koo Fori has likewise left in this house five lavish autos. With the least of these autos (a Honda) being evaluated at GH 10,000 cedis since he got it from a companion who needed to release it economically because of the way that he needed cash for something dire, about $22,000 is the cost of the most costly vehicle, a Dodge Durango.

He additionally revealed to Zionfelix that his perfectly left Chevrolet vehicle was evaluated at $2,500 at the time he got it. He included that the Ford and Dodge Charger autos were likewise both evaluated at $12,000 at the time he gained them.

Inquired as to whether he purchased every one of these vehicles since he has a lot of riches, the supporter expressed that it was not the situation. Koo Fori clarified that since motor limit 3.0 vehicles in the United States of America are not so costly, he had the capacity to purchase a significant number of these autos when he lived and worked there.

Watch the video of performing artist Koo Fori put all his sumptuous autos and house in plain view underneath:


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