Intriguing story of how NIB teller forgot to lock vault on day robbers raided bank at night


Police are investigating circumstances surrounding how a bank teller forgot to lock-up cash of GH¢35,520 in the vault.

The teller is said to have left the money enclosed by a polythene pack close to her work area and returned home on the day burglars raged the bank A bank employee at the Tema fundamental part of the National Investment Bank (NIB) is being explored for neglecting to bolt up a measure of GH¢35,520 in the vault on a state looters raged the bank. The occurrence is accounted for to have occurred on Saturday, April 7, 2019, at around 4 pm. As indicated by a report by the Graphic Online, the teller (name retained) put the money in a polythene pack close to her work area and returned home.

A security man who was on the obligation that day discovered the GH¢35,520 and furthermore concealed it in the boot of a vehicle having a place with the bank. In the interim, the looters couldn’t discover the cash in spite of figuring out how to break into the bank on that night. Be that as it may, both the teller and the security officer are at present being explored by the Tema Community One District Police Command. The security officer is right now in police care and is being examined for not illuminating his chief when he found the cash which had been abandoned. The Tema Community One District Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Stephen Kwasi Kwakye, said they speculate the looters had some insider data which outfitted them to dispatch the assault.

“By and by, we have requested that the bank furnish us with the CCTV film to help our examinations concerning the issue,” Chief Supt Kwakye included. In the interim, the telephones of the teller and security officer have been sent to the police central command in Accra to check their call records inside the time of the occurrence. Every one of the four burglars who broke into the bank that night flopped in their activity, yet figured out how to escape before being caught. The bank employee has since been conceded a police inquiry safeguard, while the security officer is still in guardianship, as the police proceed with their examinations.


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