I went to university without SHS education – Joe Mettle reveals


Confidence in God works, that is as per the 2017 VGMA Artist of the Year, who says it turned his life around.

“No man can guarantee credit for my identity today,” Joe Mettle said on Joy FM, “It was God who changed my story,” he included.

He dropped out of school twice in his endeavor to get an optional school endorsement and it was clear his JHS testament couldn’t make him what he needed to be.

It took the intensity of God to get him to finish college instruction even without a formal auxiliary school training, he related on ‘I SURVIVED’ the most recent portion on the Super Morning Show.

Be that as it may, well before he could make music, and become the VGMA craftsman of the year, Joe Mettle related how his present popularity, influence and riches is an obvious inconsistency of states of his developmental years. Mr. Backbone was at that point selling at age 12 to help his mom.

“It was not by decision,” he told Daniel Dadzie host of the SMS, “naturally introduced to a family which did not have, I did what mother did,” he described.

Joe Mettle sold waakye leaves at Agbogloshie, and advanced to selling waakye itself when polythene sacks supplanted the leaves used to bundle the Ghanaian delicacy.

He needed to drop out of school after Junior High School since joining exchanging and instruction was a troublesome undertaking, yet the income from the clearance of waakye, floor brushes and sticks were too pitiful to even think about paying for auxiliary training.

Without a SHS testament, it was clear he was not going to turn into an Architect all things considered. In any case, that was not his prompt concern.

The humiliation of individuals asking him continually for what valid reason he was not in school was a greater bad dream.

He would, in this manner, dress as though he going to class yet finish up in the congregation. Being in the congregation helped him to gain limited quantities from some liberal admirers while playing the drum for them. With that, he additionally maintained a strategic distance from inquiries on why he was not in school.

The more awful came when Joe Mettle needed to leave home and fight for himself in the avenues.

On that venture, he rested in chapels and homes of chapel individuals professing to go through the end of the week there however wound up putting in weeks. At the point when his host got exhausted, they showed him out.

In one case, he went through a year with a minister in a solitary room.

He described eating gari and groundnut glue stolen from a lady. He and his companions made due on these for a long time until they were gotten.

“It was difficult,” he said.

Be that as it may, God had not relinquished him. He realized God was setting him up with each one of those encounters.

As indicated by him, he can do as such much in life today even with little on account of the parsimonious life God put him through.

“Everything cooperate for the benefit of them that cherished the ruler,” he cited bits of Romans Chapter eight of the Holy Bible. Everything appears to have shown up for his great.

In all the work he realized it was going to end sometime in the not so distant future. “I realized God had an arrangement for my life, notwithstanding when I went by walking for a few miles since I couldn’t manage the cost of transportation.

Joe Mettle said God was with him when he sat for the SSS private hopefuls’ examination and I go in two tranches.

This managed him the open door not to do draftsmanship but rather advertising in the college.

Again he says that has shown up for his great.

God has favored him hugely through music.

“Whoever I have moved toward becoming today is God. God may have utilized numerous men to support me however the credit totally has a place with Him.

“God kept my mind flawless. No man can guarantee credit for what God has accomplished for me. I am most thankful to God for my life. God can do all things.

“It doesn’t a make a difference where you or your identity, God can in any case make you what he made you for. At the delegated time, it will happen.”


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