I have been sleeping with my father for 4 years – 24-year-old lady confesses


Wonders shall never end indeed. A 24-year-old-Ghanaian lady has confessed to sleeping with her father, and she is not apologetic about the incestuous act.

The young lady made the stunning disclosure in a meeting with Takoradi-based Fox Fm.

She told to have, Samuel Mensah, otherwise known as Blaq Sam that, despite the fact that she has a sweetheart, she engaged in sexual relations with her dad out of pity, since her mom treated him unreasonably.

The woman who professed to have been laying down with her dad for as long as four years likewise guaranteed that the elderly person isn’t just well off and provocative, however, he is additionally preferable in bed over some other man she has ever laid down with.

All things considered, before you begin censuring her, it would be ideal if you be educated that the young lady has ‘scriptural sponsorship’ for undermining her sweetheart with her organic dad.

As indicated by her, Genesis 19:31-35 is quiet on the sexual connection among guardians and their youngsters, so she is undaunted by any analysis anybody may release on her.

“The Bible is a two-edged sword and I like the part where it doesn’t criticize such connections. There are many individuals doing it and I don’t see anything amiss with that”

Watch the video beneath as she makes the admission on Fox 103.1 FM:


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