I feared Kwesi Arthur would be addicted to gambling at young age – Father


Father of rapper Kwesi Arthur has said he dreaded the rapper in his initial years would be dependent on betting.

Talking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Mr. Danso Arthur expressed the rapper and his siblings, were generally found at gaming focuses which additionally served as betting spots.

“I didn’t care for it when they spent their relaxation time at amusement focuses. I was not against them playing diversions but rather they falling prey to betting,” he told Andy Dosty host of the show.

Mr. Arthur clarified Kwesi Arthur would cause harm since his senior sibling would take him to an amusement focus.

“When I get them (Kwesi and his siblings) at the diversion focuses, they realize what I do. I didn’t utilize stick in my home however a calfskin belt and that put some dread in them,” Mr. Arthur said.

Kwesi Arthur in a meeting on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, on Monday, conceded he more often than not skipped church to play recreations with his companions.

Mr. Arthur expressed as a result of a portion of the standards and dread imparted in Kwesi, “he is “a refined young fellow now.”


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