I Dated Five Men In One Year – Pamela Watara


Instagram model, Pamela Odame has admitted to dating more than five men a year.

Speaking on the Delay Show, she made a series of disclosures which included laying down with endless men to obtain her fundamental needs.

The Ghanaian internet sensation detailed that she started engaging in the act of sex during her high school days and even before she turned 18.

Asked what these men usually promised before engaging her in sex, Pamela reacted saying, her promiscuity was driven by youthful exuberance and the lack of wisdom at that particular period of her life.

“I have dated around five men in a year. I dated them between the ages of 17-18. I was a bad girl and very foolish by then. By then if someone even takes me out and offers me 200 cedis, it’s enough” she stated.

Recently, Pamela blended an open discussion when she said in a meeting with Adom FM that she wouldn’t see any problems with getting to be rapper Sarkodie’s second wife.

The video vixen who abruptly rose to fame as a result of her big breasts believes God has been good to her at various stages in her life.

She is also of the view, the vast size of her breast is the best thing to ever happen as it has landed her quite a number of movie roles.

watch her full interview with Delay below:


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