I am dating yet keeping it mystery – Yvonne Okoro


Ghanaian star performing artist, Yvonne Okoro, has uncovered that she is presently dating a good looking respectable man.

In spite of bits of gossip proposing that she was single, Okoro said she isn’t, including that she was at present observing somebody. She made this disclosure on the ‘McBrown Kitchen’ show checked by webnationgh.com  on Sunday, January 27, 2019.

She was on the show to cook what is privately known as ‘mpotonpoto’. Okoro, in any case, declined to name who this man is, focusing on that she needed to keep that a mystery for quite a while. Clarifying her explanations behind the mystery, the on-screen character said she needs to fend off her private life from the media and open. As indicated by her, telecom her relationship as she had done in the past has not helped her, thus she had taken in an exercise to “zip her mouth” this time around.

She noted likewise that society disapproves of and mark ladies who have had more beaus as awful individuals without recognizing what occurs in the relationship which prompts the separation. “Then again, society does not see anything amiss with a man who has more connections, they are seen as victors while we (women) are called names so I am zipping my mouth now,” Yvonne unfortunately said.

She additionally made further disclosure about her family life, giving her full name as Yvonne Chinyere Okereke Okoro.

Okoro revealed that her mom was a broker and entrepreneur. Her dad, an Ibo from Nigeria, she stated, was a rancher and a land engineer. Asked how she got herself in the motion picture industry, Yvonne said it was at the desire of her mom who saw that she had the ability to act. Yvonne further uncovered that however, her dad is a Nigerian, she is hitched to two Ghanaian ladies, and they all live joyfully.


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