Hard times: Even Akufo-Addo’s favourite Kalypo is now expensive – Edem cries


Celebrated Ghanaian rapper, Edem has seen that costs of merchandise and enterprises are soaring under the New Patriotic Party (NPP) organization underscoring the requirement for the Economic Management Team (EMT) to move in the direction of helping the circumstance.

He refers to a precedent when he used to purchase Kalypoo which is the favorite of the president at a value that all of a sudden changed on account of the circumstance the nation winds up pondering what is really occurring under the present regulation.

“I consider myself to be a layman who simply needs to be alright. I need to have light each day. I need to realize that when I purchase something today, I will get it at a similar value tomorrow at a similar cost. The if I’m not mistaken I was purchasing Kalypoo for GH¢25 and I get it like clockwork for my kids since they take two to class each day. And after that quick forward I am getting it for GH¢35 when I am returning to the market”, he uncovered to Lexis Bill on Joy FM.

As indicated by him, school charges are hitting the rooftop which is making it incredibly troublesome for certain guardians to manage to scrutinize those in charge of power what is really going on.

“Then if I’m not mistaken, the school expenses went up again on the grounds that they are paying in dollars and you will move from around $9,000 to $11,000”, he uncovered.


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