Ghana’s town planning system is best for sky trains – Joe Ghartey


The Minister of Railway Development, Joe Ghartey has exposed statements that the nation’s present town arranging framework would not bolster the current sky train foundation.

He said specialists are of the view that the sky train foundation is the most efficient and least demanding contrasted with other rail transport framework.

“The thing [is] that, inside the city of Accra, it will be hard to complete an underground train, for different reasons, the middle alone is another alternative. The sky is the simplest in light of the fact that you just need to raise columns and the train goes over the ground. Specialists state it’s the least demanding and financially savvy” he clarified.

Mr. Ghartey included, specialists are of the view that since Ghana isn’t legitimately arranged, sky train was best for the nation.

“We are not on the ground, we are over the ground and we are not in anybody’s space. Since our urban areas are not all around arranged we can’t do underground rail lines which is pricey. For the sky train, we are educated it can cost regarding $10 million for each kilometer which is less expensive contrasted with other rail foundation.” he kept up.

The Minister included that the railroad improvement service won’t subsidize the sky train venture yet rather it would be founded on manufacture work exchange (BOT) financing.

“We are not putting our cash in the sky train venture; we are doing it by BOT. The Ghana framework speculation subsidize has put resources into that venture as a stay financial specialist. They are at present completing an attainability examine, after their done, they will bring their proposition and I take it to the bureau and if it’s adequate we will do it and if it’s bad we won’t do it.”


In November 2018, the administration consented to an arrangement with a South African gathering, Africa Investment (Ai) SkyTrain Consortium, for the development of a $3 billion Accra Sky Train Project.

The venture would be taken off in stages, with the main taking care of 256km at an expense of $1.2bn.

The Sky Train Project is required to unravel the expanding street traffic clog in Accra just as lift financial exercises in the capital city Accra while managing contamination.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is required to keep going for nine months for (Ai SkyTrain Consortium) to complete an achievability consider into detail after which concessionary assertions will be displayed to the bureau for endorsement.

Whenever endorsed, development would start in January 2020.


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