Ghanaians descend on Akufo-Addo over his tweet to France

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The leader of Ghana has acquired the fierceness of the populace over a tweet he shared to sympathize with France.

News broke the previous evening of flame that gutted the Notre Dame Cathedral obliterating properties worth a huge number of dollars and as best universal relations rehearses, the leader of Ghana conveyed a couple of inspiring tweets to sympathize with the general population of France yet Ghanaians won’t have it!

The president’s tweets were invited with retweets and answers of Ghanaians appearing and disappointment. As indicated by their reactions, the president rushes to offer sympathies and feelings to individuals outside his purview whiles his very own kin endure.

A considerable lot of the tweets helped the president to remember the ongoing substantial deluge of downpours that slaughtered more than five individuals and crushed numerous homes, and the basic inquiry from these Ghanaians is the place is the president’s tweet to sympathize with his very own kin?

Peruse the president’s tweet and the answers beneath: and furthermore, photographs for screen captures of more tweets.


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