Commercialize sex, in the event that you can’t remain pure – Counsellor Lutterodt advises women


So-called relationship and marriage mentor, George Lutterodt has prompted ladies having sex since they can’t remain virtuous to market it to procure a living.

Instructor Lutterodt in a meeting with Pastor Azigiza Jnr on Accra-based Number One FM’s Gospel Breakfast appears, showed that, the main path for women to prevent folks from requesting for sex is by giving them a chance to pay for it.

He clarified that “Individuals need to have youngsters sex before you get hitched, they have a purpose behind it. I hear individuals saying when you have constant sex before marriage, the trust is broken; it’s a lie. I’m addressing you as an expert. It’s a lie since you needn’t bother with trust in a marriage, you require conviction”.

“Individuals state when you lay down with another lady’s better half, some other lady will lay down with your significant other. Individuals are laying down with the spouses of ladies who have never laid down with anybody’s significant other.

“The law of Karma has never worked with regards to the sexual relations and will never work. How about we stop this contrivance. We should instruct individuals to comprehend what sex is before marriage, so individuals will settle on an educated choice, at that point, we can decide if it’s great or awful.

“This person who needs to lay down with the young lady before marriage, since he has utilized the attitude for testing, if the young lady is energetically prepared to rehearse prostitution, she ought to feel free to make cash out of it”, he watched.

He proceeded with a guide to support his point: “You’re rehearsing prostitution, you don’t make babies. In the event that the person needs to test it, put some an incentive on it with the goal that we realize you have polished prostitution, which is the most established calling on the planet.


The questionable mentor anyway contrasted marriage with a high-hazard venture and clarified that on the off chance that one goes into it and it doesn’t work out, they can generally quit yet guarantee that on the off chance that they need to be tried, and the testing doesn’t go well, in any event, they should make cash out of it.


“Young lady, in the event that you need to test, you can proceed however ensure the testing is of incentive to you, in the event that in the wake of testing he needs to drop it. In the event that you believe that you have the privilege and you’re a lady who is a second-hand vehicle and don’t have the right to be dealt with like a fresh out of the box new vehicle from a carport yet you must be tried in light of the fact that you yourself you don’t have an incentive for yourself, at that point feel free to test yet make cash out of it.”


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