Cheat and compensate your woman; never allow her to cheat too – Maurice Ampaw


It is advocated for men to cheat on the off chance that they account for admissions, expressions of remorse and remuneration however it is totally detestable for a lady under any situation to cheat and anticipate that the relationship should proceed, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has said.

Legal counselor Ampaw who is noted for his questionable positions while talking on GH One TV’s ‘Stories from the powder room’ contended that even the standard laws of Ghana take into account men to be given another opportunity to remunerate their spouses on the off chance that they per chance impregnate another lady with only one parent present.

A ‘botch’ is the manner by which he terms undermining the piece of men however says it’s a ‘conscious endeavor’ on the lady’s side if at any time any choose to undermine their spouses. Reason he says is that men ‘cheat for reasons unknown’ yet ladies dependably ‘have a reason’.

“At the point when a man cheats, society has allowed us another opportunity. Under the standard law, when your significant other undermines you and has an infant, the technique is you repay the lady. In the event that you don’t have an infant, you can at present go to your significant other, admit and repay her”.

“In the event that he never admits and you discover, you can exit and who endures? I’m not saying it is alright to cheat, there are outcomes, profoundly you’ll be rebuffed, physically you’ll endure. We all going out with young ladies, do you know what we experience? The young ladies give us broken heart, that young lady will never cherish you, we cheat since it is a malady, and we need supplications. Men cheat with no reason yet with the ladies, it takes a reason, that is the reason it is perilous for a lady to swindle. Never state it is a mix-up when a lady goes to swindle. Each lady who cheats, it is an intentional endeavor”, he said.

Men ‘need to bottle their spouses’ he further noted.


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