Breaking News : Kidnapped 17-year-old girl ‘rescued’ by police in Aflao


The Ho District Police Command has safeguarded a 17-year old Senior High School Student after she was captured by a few people for around 48 hours.

A second year understudy of Sonrise Senior High School in the Ho Municipality of the Volta Region, who had disappeared on Monday, January 21, went through near 24 hours in a basic condition with her ruffians.

Looking damaged after her save, the young woman could scarcely describe what unfolded in the wake of being abducted only minutes in the wake of getting on board a taxi around the Ho SSNIT level.

Ms. Beatrice Dzorvakpor, an auntie of the young lady could scarcely shroud her satisfaction after Police figured out how to save her.

As indicated by her, the young lady on Monday around 9:15am left home to the bank, with the entirety of GHC620.00 to pay her school charges however did not return.

She said after over two hours, she began calling “her number yet there was no reaction until the point that the telephone went off.

“This was not typical of her, she has never done it, so I sent her image to a companion of mine who works in the bank to check on the off chance that she was at the bank that morning however I was told no”.

“So I presumed that the cash is lost so she might be nearby searching for it”.

She said in the organization of a few kin, they meandered a few sections of the town where they felt she could be, after which they went to her school where the house ace revealed to them that she had not answered to class.

As indicated by her, while they made a beeline for the police headquarters in Ho to hold up a protest around 4:00pm, she got a message from her.

“I resembled goodness; she may now get back home, however when I opened the message I saw her tied and she looked attacked, I thought she was dead so I yelled”.

She stated, when she answered the message “where are you?” the answer was quiet, and after that she was educated that her little girl had been grabbed.

Ms. Dzorvakpor proceeded with that she had a long discussion with the obscure person, who again informed her that, “Your niece is a virgin and useful for symbol of atonement”.

As per her, she immediately sent the visit to the police and furthermore accepting headings from the CID as in how to answer the messages.

She said the ruffians did not request anything from her, as the hijacker just revealed to her that, he will discharge the injured individual without his manager.

On Tuesday January 22 around 5:00pm, a message came in again that “we should want her in Aflao, so I reached the police and they were pursued.”

However, before the police got to the visitor, the criminal who swung to support the injured individual stuffed “the vehicle at a separation” while she was told to flee.

The unfortunate casualty was immediately raced to the Regional Hospital for treatment, and was later released from the healing center in the late long periods of Wednesday, January 23.

She was victimized of the GHC620.00 which was her charges, while her understudy and healing facility card were additionally removed.

Talking on the advancement, the Ho District Police Commander, DSP Anthony Danso, said his men had “insight that the guilty parties headed towards Aflao, so police work force on the guest blocked the young lady as she was stranded after her discharge”.

He said while questioning the unfortunate casualty after she “increased cognizant” she disclosed to them that she could just recall that she ended up in an uncompleted working, after which she additionally observed a sign post of “Awudome Secondary School, Awudome Bame and Goil Station at Ho Bankoe”

The Commander said an exhaustive examination is in progress to find the culprits.


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