Body parts of Ghanaian emigrants being sold on black market for over US$260K


Body parts of some Ghanaian emigrants are being sold on the black market for over $260,000, it has been reported.

The ABC News newspaper reports that the worrying trend includes other Africa emigrants mainly from Nigeria.

The criminal act, the newspaper noted, is perpetrated by a syndicate luring victims under the pretext of securing travel documents and employment in the Middle East.

The unfortunate casualties are then killed, upon landing in their goals, and their body parts, sold on the bootleg market for somewhere in the range of US$119,000 and US$262,000.

The syndicate ordinarily centers around reaping human organs, for example, kidneys, hearts and livers.

Kidneys on the underground market presently go for about US$ 260,000 while human hearts are sold for almost US$120,000. Livers then again go at the cost of US$ 157,000.

The developing marvel might be credited to, among others, the large amounts of joblessness in a portion of these African nations, ABC News revealed, citing from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) report dated April 7, 2019.

Nigeria has been put on high caution over the somewhat exasperating circumstance with different nations, for example, Ghana, likewise asked to find a way to control the danger in perspective on late occurrences of movement and enrollment offices attracting Ghanaians into the Middle East with the guarantee of verifying employments upon landing, the report included.


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