Becca’s husband ‘accuses’ musician’s mother of being a witch


This is obviously insane and the irony is this–Becca’s Nigerian husband-Daniel Oluwa Tobi Sanni alleged to have stopped Becca from seeing her mother since she gave birth because the mother is a witch.

A couple of months back, Ghanaian artist Becca brought forth an infant young lady in Canada—her first tyke with her Nigerian spouse.

A source near Becca’s family has revealed to GhanaCelebrities.Com that Becca’s genuine mother in the United Kingdom is profoundly crushed in light of the fact that she has not had the option to see, not to mention contact her grandkid in light of the fact that Becca’s better half cases the mother is a witch—and Becca has gotten tied up with this foolishness.

It’s ordinary of Africans that the mother of a lady who conceives an offspring assumes a critical job in the good ‘ol days or weeks after the kid is conceived—some of the time washing the new grandkid and showing the new mother how to deal with the child.

In any case, we’ve been informed that Becca’s mom has been looted of this regular right and pride—supposedly in light of the fact that, Becca’s better half is certain that she is a witch and he doesn’t need her close to their tyke.

While a witch or a wizard is only a hocus pocus of the time before human edification, a large number of Africans still have confidence in the legend of flying and amazing individuals—and it is being claimed that Becca’s significant other is one of these individuals.

You can envision how harmed and maybe baffled Becca’s mom is if what’s being asserted is truly what is happening.

The source included that, “Becca’s mom has just observed the tyke’s photograph on the web” in the same way as other of us.


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