Auditor-General ‘nails’ Charlotte Osei for blowing over US$7.5m EC cash


At the point when the Committee that was set up by the Chief Justice (CJ) to research then Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana, Charlotte Osei, blamed her for breaking the acquisition laws of the nation, and in this way prescribed for her expulsion from office, the country was separated.

While a few, particularly, devotees of the restriction National Democratic Congress (NDC) considered the to be as witch-chasing and scorn with respect to the administration to kick Charlotte Osei out of office, others were in full help of the choice, accepting that no one was over the traditions that must be adhered to.

Be that as it may, the unfriendly discoveries of the CJ Committee against the previous Chairperson of the constituent administration body of the nation have been authenticated by the Auditor-General in his report on “Uncommon Audits did on chosen state organizations in the year 2018” and exhibited to the Parliament of Ghana for further activity.

The CJ Committee had blamed Charlotte Osei for obtrusively breaking the acquirement laws in the honor of a few contracts in her three-year time frame in charge of undertakings, before the 2016 decisions.

CJ’s Committee discoveries

She was explored more than six separate claims of different obtainment ruptures, for which a by all appearances body of evidence was built up against her, with the board of trustees later prescribing for her expulsion from office in the wake of discovering her blameworthy of the charges brought against her.

The accuses needed to do of the commitment of the administrations of legal advisors, Sory@Law, without experiencing the best possible acquisition process; singularly revoking a properly secured contract with a tech organization, STL; choice to gain another office square of the commission without experiencing the set down obtainment process; and the honor of agreement for the development of pre-manufactured region workplaces for the Commission and consultancy neutralizes the acquirement laws.

Others were the utilization of benefactor bolster assets for the EC’s ICT condition venture just as an honor to repackage the key arrangement of the Commission without response to the acquirement traditions that must be adhered to.

The setting up of the CJ’s Committee was activated by an appeal submitted to the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo by some concerned staff of the EC to test their supervisor.

Another appeal requiring the leader of the then two agents of the Commission, Amadu Sulley and Georgina Opoku Amankwa, in the test was likewise introduced to the President for thought.

Grant of agreements above accessible financing

The discoveries of the CJ Committee has been approved by the review discoveries of the Auditor-General.

As indicated by the Auditor-General, a survey of a solicitation letter with reference no. C/EC/PROC/01/SF.24/V.3/8 dated July 26, 2016, to the Public Procurement Authority (PPA), showed that the Commission mentioned utilizing limited offering for the development of the 100 District Offices just as the commitment of specialists at an expense of US$7,500,000 and US$750,000.00 individually.

Be that as it may, the agreements were granted for US$15,127,362 rather than the Commission’s very own assessed measures of US$8,250,000 endorsed by the PPA. That in any case, the Commission driven by Charlotte Osei did not look for endorsement from the Minister of Finance for the extra contract; consequently, prompting an unjustified abundance use of US$6,877,362.53.

Furthermore, the Commission paid an aggregate sum of GH?4,185,688.08 (US$780,295.97) at current conversion scale) including the expense of consultancy, for the apportioning and fitting-out the new Head Office as against the planned measure of GH?700,000.00.

The Commission once more, as per the report of the review report, did not look for endorsement from the Minister of Finance for the additional expense of GH?3,485,688.53 (US$649,802.06 at current conversion standard) which the Auditor-General named “Unjustified Expenditure”.

That implies an aggregate sum of US$7,527,164.59 was overspent by Charlotte Osei-drove EC without a plan of action to the acquisition traditions that must be adhered to.


In spite of the fact that Charlotte Osei has been kicked out of office as suggested by the CJ Committee, the discoveries of the Auditor-General were still revealed before the Procurement Officer of the EC for clarification.

From the report, the Procurement Office clarified that the abundance use caused was not at first calculated into the obtainment plan, to empower the Commission demand for endorsement from the Ministry of Finance.

In any case, his clarification was not persuading enough, prodding the Auditor-General to guidance the executives of the EC to limit its uses to the arrangements in the financial limit yet not likely inflows, and use the due system to get ready and obtain an endorsement for beneficial spending plan should the need emerge.

Since the review procedure closes with the Parliament of Ghana, authorities of the decision the board body are probably going to be tended to show up before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) for further test into the issue.

It stays to be seen whether Charlotte Osei will be welcomed by the PAC to represent her job in the different contracts she granted while in office.


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