Another girl gone missing in Takoradi


Another girl went missing in Takoradi. Maame Darkoa Anomah, 25, is said to have been kidnapped at West Tanokrom.

Another young lady has disappeared since a week ago in Takoradi in the Western Region.

The young lady, Maame Darkoa Anomah, 25, is said to have been hijacked at West Tanokrom.

The hijacker has supposedly cautioned the family not to report the case to the Police.

A relative of the supposed injured individual disclosed to Empire FM’s Emmanuel Ohene Gyan Thursday evening that: ” She has been away since a week ago. We have not answered to the Police since we trusted she would return. Her dad felt that she would return. After we got a message from somebody through her telephone that she was being held by ruffians, we thought she was simply contriving with somebody to play amusements on us, yet regardless she hasn’t returned.

” We are getting stressed in light of the fact that she isn’t that type. She isn’t the sort that does outside or remains out for long so we are getting stressed at this point. We will currently find a way to report the issue to the police”.

It is hazy if the new case is associated with a similar ring which is holding somewhere in the range of three different young ladies from a similar region for a few months now.

The advancement comes as the police have expanded its workforce in the national pursuit of the casualties of the kidnappings, especially in the Western district.

The Police have additionally noted they have told INTERPOL to assist them with the hunt of the young ladies.

The main hijacking case is accounted for to have occurred in August 2018.

In the interim, the police have eased feelings of trepidation of general society in the wake of “later brutal violations” in the nation.

The law implementation organization is encouraging quiet as it marshals “all assets” towards surrounding suspects.

Around six prominent passings have been recorded in the previous three months with the ongoing being the killing of a covert columnist Ahmed Hussein-Suale of the Tiger Eye PI group.

Three young ladies have likewise been grabbed in the oil-rich Western area starting open turmoil over wellbeing issues in the nation.

Guaranteeing the overall population, the Police Service said in an explanation that it is putting its best foot forward to disentangle the puzzle encompassing the majority of the violations.

“Officers from particular units of the Criminal Investigation Department including the Counter-fear based oppression and Special Weapon and Tactics Units are a piece of the group of examiners dealing with these cases,” the police articulation said.



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