Africans Smell Racism in Semenya IAAF Ruling that Bars Her From Competing


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Africans smell racism in ruling that bars caster Semenya from competing as a woman
caster Semenya the South African middle-distance Runner and two times 800 meters
Olympic champion is no longer allowed to compete due to her jeans, looks and physique the Court of Arbitration in sport agreed with the IAAF that Jimenez natural testosterone is too high for her to compete with other women.

The IAAF only targeted semanas events which are 400 meters 800 meters 1500 meters and one male races which are only the events that semenya exclusively competes him this comes after female European competitors complained and cried to the
IAAF  even one of them complaining how the African women in the race looked like men as of now but the new ruling the middle distance Runner would have to take the testosterone suppressant if she wants to compete in such short events, the IAAF will now require semenya to choose between suppressing our hormone levels by medical means competing with men competing in intersex events or retiring semenya Shoot to fame
in 2009 when she won the world 800-meter title critics later started raising questions about her sex which made us spend eleven months on the sidelines when they say IAAF  conducted investigations on the matter for many the ruling is sexist discriminatory and
unfair considering the athlete is only being penalized for their biological traits that she was born with many Africans are arguing that the ruling is obviously, resist because
caster Semenya is an African woman and the rules were made in Switzerland by
white men.
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