A Plus poses 3 genuine questions to Anas over murder of Ahmed Suale


Social influencer and hostile to debasement extremist, Kwame APlus conceived Kwame Asare Obeng has offered three conversation starters to analytical writer Anas Aremeyaw Anas to answer with respect to the homicide of Ahmed Hussein-Suale, a protegé of Anas.

Ahmed was killed on sixteenth January 2019 in his vehicle by two unidentified men on a motorbike. He was shot twice in the chest and once in the neck, as Anas announced.

APlus who is as yet leading a test-transmission of his TV station, APLUS TV likewise requested that Anas come clear on the idea of his work, regardless of whether he is open intrigue dissident or a soldier of fortune for private use.

“The manner in which you think you are shrewd in exploring defilement, compassionately acknowledge that Ghanaians nowadays are additionally exceptionally savvy and test profoundly into issues. It’s not possible for anyone to trick Ghanaians nowadays. The inquiries individuals are asking are;

1. What time did you know about Ahmed’s demise?

2. What time did you discover the video, alter it; include content and some “cognizant music bi” and discharged it?

3. You are a legal counselor. Which legal advisor makes determinations in the homicide of somebody before examinations start?” APlus inquired.

He proceeded: “what you did, as I would see it as somebody who watches ID additional every minute of every day looks all the more an arranged thing against Kennedy Agyapong. Some may reprimand him for exposing Ahmed. Be that as it may, you likewise needed to take as much time as is needed and enable analysts to carry out their responsibility. You have obliterated the entire procedure.”

“You have yourself to fault. Majority of the general population are stating that you simply needed the general population on your side in pointing charging fingers at Hon. Ken to occupy consideration from the genuine executioners. Go on the web and read remarks for yourself.”

“Likewise, you are acting distant which makes a few people irate. The way that you battle defilement does not make you awkward. Anyone can likewise battle or blame you for anything. Everything you can do is to sue the individual in court.” he included.

Kwame Aplus said while he trusts Anas is working admirably, there are hazy areas around his work.

“With respect to me, I think you are working to perfection. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that the facts confirm that your examinations have transformed into a business adventure where individuals contract you to set individuals up for a charge, at that point you are not working for Ghana. You are working for your stomach. Private examinations isn’t a wrongdoing yet on the off chance that it is for monetary benefits, it accompanies outcomes you should be set up for… .”


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