A lot of fake prophets will die this year – Bishop Bernard Nyarko


Ghanaian actor and Bishop, Bernard Nyarko has revealed a lot of fake pastors in Ghana will die this year (2019).

The Bishop who enrolled his disappointment at the ceaseless maltreatment by prophets in a video expressed the greater part of these phony prophets do as such in light of their paunches and other narrow-minded reasons.

“They will in general place dread in numerous people particularly the big names and this is on the grounds that such people have immense after which may, in the end, convert into high numbers for their chapels.

For what reason don’t you approach people you see predictions about than broadcast it via web-based networking media? To make sure it emerges so you guarantee popularity in seeing the man? They are essentially infusing and imbuing dread into individuals’ lives”

Watch Bishop Nyarko talk about these phony prophets.


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