Home Celebrity News 20-acre ganja farm spotted at Juaboso; Police on manhunt for owners

20-acre ganja farm spotted at Juaboso; Police on manhunt for owners


The Police has launched a manhunt for the owners of a 20-acre marijuana farm spotted in the Juaboso district of the Western North Region.

Accra-based Class FM reports that some persons who have taken charge of some hectares of the Krokosu forest for mass cultivation of marijuana.

The place was uncovered following a swoop by the Forestry Commission and some other security officers on Monday.

Be that as it may, when joint police and military power raged the backwoods, every one of the ranchers had relinquished the spot.

A nearby writer who went with the police for the activity said the police order expects to consume the weed ranch.

“Some unlawful ranchers have developed in excess of 20 sections of land of weed in the Krokosu timberland, thus, when we raged there, there was no illicit rancher around yet as indicated by the Deputy Forestry Manager, Mr Yaw Obeng Asante, the commission is setting up measures with the goal that such unlawful ranchers don’t annihilate the woods,” the columnist Timothy Benyina Afriyie, is cited as saying.

Numerous Ghanaians stay partitioned with regards to the issue in regards to the sanctioning or generally of cannabis in the nation.

While some trust the herb has a lot of advantages, others keep up that whenever legitimized, it will be manhandled by its clients.

The Rastafari Council of Ghana has particularly been leading the charge for the legalization of marijuana in Ghana.


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