​​​​​​​Marijuana should be legalised – John Dumelo


Actor John Dumelo has joined the temporary fad pulling for the legitimization of weed in Ghana.

Talking on Cooks and Braggarts, a cooking show facilitated Yvonne Okoro, Mr. Dumelo said the nation can profit more from the therapeutic focal points of Marijuana after it is legitimized.

“When you go to a portion of the western nations, it [Marijuana] has been legitimized for wellbeing purposes and we can likewise do same,” he expressed.

Mr. Dumelo stated, “If liquor and cigarettes are legitimate in Ghana, why not weed.”

Some intrigue gatherings, including the Rastafari Council of Ghana, in years past have proposed, the nation could control adequately the recreational utilization of the weed by decriminalizing it.

Different gatherings additionally recommended, tending to the utilization of Marijuana through criminal equity organizations, at last encroaches on different key privileges of individuals who use drugs, including the rights to wellbeing, data, individual independence, and self-assurance.

Nonetheless, the Mental Health Authority in 2016 did not move in their contention against the legitimization of Marijuana saying, it represents a serious danger to the emotional wellness of individuals who use it.

“On the off chance that you take Marijuana in your teenagers when the cerebrum is effectively creating, you meddle with your capacity to be inspired satisfactorily and to judge enough,” the Chief Executive Officer of the specialist, Dr. Akwasi Osei said.

Communicating his musings on how the recreational utilization of the medication could be controlled, the business visionary said experts in Ghana can do research of their own and later set up structures expected to keep the maltreatment of the medication after it has been legitimized.

He clarified Cannada set up those structures subsequent to authorizing weed in October 2018.

The business visionary expressed, numerous individuals figure the authorization of cannabis will expand high wrongdoing rates and psychological instabilities because of the recreational utilization of the medication however that isn’t valid.

“In the event that you see places like Holland, California, and Colorado where the medication has been sanctioned wrongdoing rates are low,” he included.


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