What more do you offer Ghana apart from your huge breasts? – Delay asks Pamela Watara


Pamela Watara, the lady who has become famous for the size of her breasts has been hit by fresh criticisms for the consistent public display of her assets, ABC News Ghana can report.

She was set on the last place anyone would want to be of the Delay Show when she was facilitated as visitor for the ongoing scene on Sunday.

Pamela Watara is noted for showing her tremendous bosoms and private body parts via web-based networking media, each opportunity approaching under open judgment.

As of late, spilled video tapes of her having oral sex and playing with some private parts became a web sensation via web-based networking media and some pornography locales.

Her constant demonstration appears to have incensed host of the Delay Show, Deloris Frimpong Manso who tried to discover what her importance to society is, obviously, aside from the utilization various men have for her tremendous bosoms.

The host was shocked that a woman with such ‘inherent blessings’ and magnificence to draw in tolerable suitors will jump starting with small time then onto the next having aimless sex and putting her naked pictures and recordings out there.

In the most recent scene of The Delay Show observed by ABC News Ghana, Delay tested, “Pamela, do you realize you are pretty and have a body to pull in any man of your decision?”

“Aside from your bosoms, what again are you offering to Ghana, to the general public?” she asked rather inquisitively.

Pamela Watara rushed to dismiss the case of indiscrimination the host of the show looked to recommend with her inquiry by saying she has just permitted only ‘a couple of men’ to ‘use’ her, in sharp complexity to the somewhat enormous number of men who are edgy to have a chomp of her ‘cherry’.

She included that as a method for adding to society, she is setting up an unscripted TV drama to be circulated on Television sooner rather than later.

As of now, she asserts, the show is transferred unto online stages especially YouTube.

“I am dealing with some unscripted TV drama, it is on YouTube for the time being. It will before long be on TV. What’s more, I am additionally doing some promotions,” Pamela Watara expressed on the Delay Show checked by ABC News Ghana

She elucidated that she is of good wellbeing and sees her specialist much of the time in spite of having illicit relationships with various men.

Pamela Watara has confessed to laying down with something like 10 men before she turned 21. She is right now 23.


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