VIDEO: If not for my big nose I wouldn’t have been this successful in my career – Akrobeto


Ghanaian actor, Akwasi Boadi, popularly known as Akrobeto, has spoken fondly about his nose, saying that he knows his nose has played an integral role in his successful career.

Akrobeto, apart from his talent behind the cameras, is often teased with the size of his nose, which he now says those mockeries, have however propelled him to fame in addition to his comic acting.

Speaking in a recent interview on Joy News’ Becky, the actor mentioned that if not for his nose and talent he wouldn’t have reach where he is now on the success lather.

“Notwithstanding my nose and ability, I wouldn’t be in this position. In the event that I was a decent person, with a pointed nose, little ears, and little eyes, little mouth, I wouldn’t be the place I am today,” he said.

Further discussing his nose, the entertainer says that he realizes he has a major one and he isn’t irritated when individuals bother him it.

Watch more from the full meeting, where Akrobeto talked into insight regarding his vocation and the motion picture industry.


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