US-based Ghanaian uncovers why he executed his lover


A Ghanaian situated in the United States of America, Daniel Kankam, has executed his darling. Per a report located by on, the 44-year-old Ghanaian shot and executed his better half in light of the fact that the last needed to say a final farewell to him.

Kankam, who was captured on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, was accused of homicide following the passing of 35-year-old Somaya Hussein Ahmed. The suspect, a wedded dad of two, is said to have killed Ahmed at her home in Alexandria, Virginia just before midnight on Friday, January 11, 2019.

The expired, aside from being involved with the blamed, likewise worked for Kankam at his organization, K-1 Tactical Security Services, investigators state. Kankam showed up in court last Thursday and his lawyer requested that the judge set bond, saying that he was extremely worried in prison. “On the off chance that the Commonwealth is asserting you set a weapon in your lover’s mouth and pulled the trigger, that would be unpleasant,” an investigator reacted.

The investigator said Ahmed’s wireless was recording a video the night she was shot as she disclosed to Kankam she needed to end their relationship. You are making me angry,” Kankam purportedly exhorted her in the narrative. He is supposedly observed snatching the telephone before the account closes, investigators said.

Examiners accept not long after the account, Kankam put the firearm in the injured individual’s mouth and let go. Kankam then supposedly attempted to make a vindication by messaging the injured individual’s PDA “Where are you?” Prosecutors said Kankam had compromised to shoot Ahmed somewhere around one other time. Another video on her telephone taken in October 2018 demonstrates the couple sitting outside her condo. She can be heard revealing to him she needs to sever things. The video supposedly demonstrates Kankam hauling out his firearm and pointing it at her. “Are you going to shoot me?” Ahmed inquired. The video purportedly indicates Kankam set the weapon back in the holster. Kankam’s better half cleaned away tears as she tuned in to the subtleties of the case on Thursday. She declined to remark as she left the court. The couple’s house is squares from the homicide scene. Specialists discovered six weapons, including an AR-15, amid a hunt of Kankam’s flat and capacity unit, examiners said. Guard lawyers contended the weapons shouldn’t raise caution in light of the fact that Kankam possessed a security organization.


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