The story of Ghanaian Sakawa boys breaking hearts and making millions online


Cell phones are regular in Ghana. Notwithstanding the consistent gripes of monetary hardship by its residents, finding a cell phone that bolsters Facebook is a simple errand. Notwithstanding, there are young fellows (and now and again ladies) spending a colossal level of their 24 hours in web bistros. They essentially live there, day and night.

Discussions around investing such a great amount of energy in web bistros have for the most part been connected to being on Facebook and ‘visiting’. Where it counts the circumstance, it is the passage level purpose of web-based misleading, a plan famously referred to in Ghana as Sakawa.

One needs to feel comfortable around to discover what they are searching for with regards to Sakawa. It is a circumstance scowling at the country in all corners yet in addition covered up in its own particular manner.

There is a great deal of Facebook pages helping this business of web-based misleading blast.

Tricksters have a ton of gatherings on Facebook where they exchange abilities and phony characters. There are Facebook profiles, pictures, the story to tell (something they call configurations) and photograph altering administrations just for the deal in these mystery gatherings.

Financial balances are likewise exchanged with regards to managing the cash they get from misleading.

“At times we come to check our Facebook and a lot of times something different,” a young fellow in a Ghanaian web bistro tells Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop of Four Corners.

On why they have female names on their profiles, the young fellow would not answer and left.

“Once in a while we simply come here and get some cash from the white men to motivate some sustenance to eat. I mean some of them can give you 2000 UDS, 5000 USD, 5000 pounds and 5000 Australian dollars.”

The young fellow who had visits to appear with men from Australia described how he and his unfortunate casualties some of the time have a great time. The fun, he clarifies, includes sexting and indicating exposed parts of their bodies. In this, he should keep his way of life as a lady.

Kweku, a 27-year-old moves aroma professionally. The benefit of moving scent is not the slightest bit up to what he makes on the web.

“Essentially, they call us ‘extortion young men’s or ‘amusement young men’s since we do misrepresentation to get cash. We trick.”

Kweku and his companion make counterfeit characters to back their arrangements and make their offer.

“I am Johnny and I am a military man in the US. In some cases I’m in Palestine, in some cases I’m in Iraq and we are keeping harmony in that nation in light of the fact that there’s a war going on what not. With the goal that’s my principle occupation on the web. I look for customers. I need someone to be my darling, my life partner what not.”

Kwaku’s companion clarifies what they mean by alluding to what they term as their sweethearts, customers.

“The word customer is utilized for individuals you meet on the web.” Asked on the off chance that they like to utilize the word unfortunate casualty, the two said no as ‘injured individual doesn’t sound lovely’.

“A customer is someone, a colleague who will possibly bring cash or something. That is the reason we utilize the word customer. Some are separated and some have dead spouses and all that,” Kwaku clarifies.

The trickster’s present target isn’t familiar with English, he uncovered. She is a Mexican lady living in the United States of America. Kwaku discloses he was fortunate to discover somebody who isn’t very instructed.

His trick with this present injured individual begun by making her go gaga for him and after that he proposed to her. The Mexican acknowledged Kwaku’s proposition sending him $2000 as he required some capital.

On a Skype call with this Mexican, Kweku candidly discloses to her how he truly needs to visit her. He clarifies his companion who guaranteed him a plane ticket is staying away from him and that it is ‘extremely harsh occasions’.

The Ghanaian falsehoods that he needs her to see him however his camera for the video call is failing. Kwaku guarantees the lady who has stripped on the opposite side a call soon thereafter to have a fabulous time.

Kwaku and his companion portray their controls with passionate shakedown, a plan that has worked for them in the majority of this.

“In some cases, you will talk the individual and you can even feel sorry for that individual. Goodness, this individual. She’s crying and all that yet you too you need cash,” the Ghanaian tells Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop of Four Corners.

On whether Kwaku and his companion feel they are perpetrating wrongdoing, the two said ‘no’ as one.

“I don’t see the wrongdoing since it’s on the web. I’m endeavoring to get cash and a similar individual is likewise attempting to get cash,” Kwaku said.

His companion includes, “The white individuals they descended here to colonize us, took what has a place with us. They send our incredible granddads there, abused them, treated them like slaves. You get it?”

“They completed a ton of damage to them. They’ve done us terrible previously and we believe it’s a great opportunity to pay them back.”

The story by these con artists appears a simple errand. However, not generally. For a few, different estimates should be taken so as to succeed at all expense.

Nana Agradaa is an obsession priestess who motivates paid to help a portion of these ‘bistro young men’s to control individuals on the web and get what they need.

At the point when the going in attempting to trick gets intense, Nana Agradaa is the go-to alternative. Every one of the one needs is to pay their meeting and give photographs of their unfortunate casualty. The priestess affirms she gives out soups. When washing with the cleanser, state what you wish for and your desires will be allowed.

On the subject of in the case of counseling a fixation cleric works in misleading, just a con artist can affirm.

Misleading in Ghana has quite often been related with the high joblessness rate in the nation. Regardless, the insight of the general population who take part in it, can’t be underestimated as Economic and Organized Crime Officer Abu Issah discloses to Four Corners.

“The individuals who enjoy this as the culprits are for the most part jobless however they are extremely sharp. They are exceptionally astute in light of the fact that it takes somebody with an acumen to take a seat and even extravagant how to get into this action. And furthermore, to blindfold or trick somebody into trusting whatever story he is putting over,” Abu Issah said.

Abu Issah features the ‘enormous young men’s in this defrauding business don’t go to the web bistro as the jobless section level young men do. They remain in the solace of their homes and work.

Ghana’s Economic and Organized Crime Office, the FBI and Interpol are endeavoring to target digital misrepresentation in the nation and its neighboring nations in West Africa.


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