Pre-wedding shower & pre-wedding photoshoot not necessary – TV presenter Maame Yeboah Asiedu


Renowned TV and radio personality, Maame Yeboah Asiedu, has portrayed the craving for individuals to spend immense wholes of cash on the pre-wedding shower and pre-wedding photoshoot before the day of the wedding function as one that is absolutely unnecessary.

As indicated by Maame Yeboah, the enormous entireties of cash couples spend on these things, which have been replicated aimlessly from the whites can be spared and used to accomplish increasingly productive things after they are finished with the service.

She accentuated that the accomplishment of one’s marriage or its disappointment isn’t subject to such things and in that capacity, he solid conviction that would-be couple ought not be too fixated on it.

Maame Yeboah likewise expressed in the video has located that the contention of certain individuals make that individuals who are against these things are the individuals who can not manage the cost of it is completely imperfect. She stressed that in her current financial state, she would most likely bear the cost of a wedding party or photoshoot she needs yet she won’t do it since it adds up to an all-out misuse of valuable assets.

She finished by exhorting people who are going to get hitched to implore rather on the grounds that it is just the producer who gifts fruitful relational unions and not unnecessary pre-wedding shower and pre-wedding photoshoot.

Look at the video Maame Yeboah making this disclosure underneath:


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